Sidney Green Street Band

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The Sidney Green Street Band story begins, of course, in a classic
roadhouse in Northern New Jersey called the  Great Notch Inn,
where four prolific musicians….and the closest of friends…. explosively
deliver an exceptionally wide-ranging musical allure that infuses
good southern rock ‘n roll with elements of rhythm & blues and jazz.

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The Sidney Green Street Band is a guitar-band, plain and simple,
featuring the best rhythm section in New York… or anywhere for
that matter. Guitarists Justin Jordan and Lance Doss are
exceptionally agile guitarists; equally  adept at channeling a
legendary slice of  Quicksilver-era psychedelia as they are at
evoking the bittersweet twin  guitar harmonies of the Allman
Brothers. The forceful syncopated drive of the rhythm section is
the legendary Steve Holley (Paul McCartney, Elton John, Joe
Cocker and Ian Hunter) on drums and Paul Page (Ian Hunter,
John Cale, Dion, Gary US Bonds) on bass.

Vocalist Doss, born and raised in Alabama, brings a myriad of
colors to the southern based roots that form his foundation; rousing
and rebellious.  Doss’s songs reflect some shared emotional states
and narrative threads both real and imagined amongst the band
members. “Payin’ The Price” speaks to personal confession and
“Some Things Ain’t Never Gonna Change” is as smooth and pure as
an emotional reflection can be while still looking ahead. “Sadie,”
which takes a detour to All Capp’s mythic hillbilly Dogpatch, is an
instant classic.

This kind of jamming requires a level of technical virtuosity and
music literacy that only years of combined varicolored experience
can produce. That is The Sidney Green Street Band.

Band Members:

Justin Jordan, Guitars
Lance Doss, Guitars
Steve Holley, Drums
Paul Page, Bass